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About Elica

During my studies in Art & Design in the UK, I discovered clay and ceramics.
Ceramics as a 3D medium appealed to me with the idea to make a functional and attractive subject, which one can touch and have practical use. Probably this innermost contentment reflect my personality, which search for the truth and reality in life in all its dimensions. I like beautiful and positive art. I constantly search and find interesting outlines in the negative spaces, too. This is possibly a reflection of my sense of humour, where I often take things rather funny then sad.

I love to think and experiment things out of the box, which often leads to unique results, for example firing of glaze in non recommended temperature.

I left my native country Bulgaria in 2002 and went to Denmark as an Au Pair, which experience gave me the chance to get to know closely the Danish culture and Family and their lifestyle. An amazing time. I love this country and I learned their language, too. I got married for my British husband in Copenhagen.

We travelled around the world Seychelles Islands, Guernsey Island, France, Croatia, across Canada and settled down in Scotland, where we gained our lovely daughter. Both the start of my art experience and my daughter were conceived pretty much at the same time in 2009. I had no interest in clay at commencing at the Art & Design college year. Soon after I made a small pumpkin and glazed it randomly without trying hard, I was amazed by the result after I fired it in a kiln. It is still in my kitchen and often visitors in my home take it for real at first.

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